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Cincinnati Newspaper Obituary Indexes

In the lists accessible below, you can see if a person's death notice is in English and German newspapers before 1920.

Germans, after coming to Cincinnati, sometimes modified the spelling of their name, especially if it contained an Umlaut or Eszett, so you need to search variations in the spelling. Look for all ways that the name might be spelled, for example -- Bürck, Buerck, Burck, Bürk or Burk. In cases with Umlauts, it may have changed as follows: ä to ae, ö to oe and ü to ue. But, sometimes the Umlaut was just dropped. One example is Dörger from Goldenstedt. One family has used the spelling Doerger since arriving, while descendants of a cousin have used Dorger. The Eszett "ß" may or may not have been changed to "ss".

The indexes are split into 130 files. Names starting with A to Ale are in A, names starting with Alf and Aq are in Alf, etc.

Click on the letters below that begin or are just before the name of interest. Then click Back on your browser to return to this page to read the information below the letter boxes.

Maiden Names

"The name I am searching is on the list, what do the codes mean and how I do to get more information ?"

Once you find names of interest, select the names, copy the line(s) to your word processor or write it down on paper. Note the code letter and go to the Index Books page to find about the source.

Examples from the list follow:
 Vf 1860-1869   *   Abel, Adolph
 FP 1890-1899   c   Abel, C.H.
 Ti 1870-1879   x   Abel, Joseph
 Vf 1870-1879       Abel, Joseph
 Ze 1890-1899       Abel, Joseph
 Ze 1890-1899       Abeling, Louise                Cook
 Vf 1890-1899       Abeling, Louise Margaretha     Cook
 FP 1890-1899       Abeling, Louise Margaretha     Cook
 Ze 1890-1899   c   Abeling, Margaretha
 Vf 1890-1899   c   Abeling, Margaretha Gertrude
 Vf 1850-1859   *   Bürck, Otto
 Vf 1880-1889   x   Buerck, Albertina Theresia
 Vf 1800-1869       Burck, Katharine Eva           Wettengel
 Vf 1910-1919       Bürk, Johanna Maria

The Index Books page will have the code letters (Vf, FP, etc.) and name of the book that contains death information about that person. For example: The " Vf " means the death notice was in the Cincinnati Volksfreund

The decade range means the death occurred sometime within years given; Otto Bürck died between 1 Jan 1850 and 31 Dec 1859.

The two entries for Joseph Abel shows there were 2 or 3 Joseph Abels, 1 or 2 died in 1870's and the other in 1890's.

The entries for Louise Abeling and Louise Margaretha Gertrude, both with the maiden name Cook in last column, dying in the 1890's, are probably the same person, with a death notice in 3 different papers.

The * means that in the death notice for Adolph Abel, the town where he was born is mentioned.

The c means that the deceased was under the age of 16.

The x means that there was no age given in the death notice.