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Hamilton County, Ohio Ancestors

By the time of the Civil War, Cincinnati was the major inland city in size. In addition, it was the major transient city for those traveling on the Ohio River, and on the early railroad lines, and a port of destination for thousands of German immigrants and westward migration.

A major problem with researching ancestors in Hamilton County is the loss of vital records in three court house fires between 1814 and 1884. Therefore, to facilitate identification of those living and passing through Hamilton County before 1884, the Hamilton County Genealogical Society has published many volumes of records and indexes to original sources.

The number of names in the published volumes is now in the hundreds of thousands. To assist researchers, the society has merged the names in one record type index available here. Each entry has a code referring to the book that contains information about that person.

At this time names in newspaper death notices and marriage records are available. More categories and names will be added in the future. To search 483,000 names, click here -- Record Indexes.